Jennifer Ireland

Sunlight in the Blue of Distance, Sunlight Through a Dying Leaf, Sunlight in the Petals, Sunlight through a Young Leaf (video series), Slow Spin (sculpture with plants, music and mixed media), Places We’ve Been (story sharing performance) J Ireland, 2017.  On Exhibit at The Charles H. Scott Gallery, July 14th – 31st, 2017 MFA Thesis Exhibition with Emily Carr University of Art + Design

In researching tacit ways for considering and weaving bonds and ties to flora, rock, soil, sky and unnamed natural formations, this series of works is formally and conceptually divided in three parts: light, space and story-telling (ways of perceiving and ways of knowing).  The light based group of works is video portraits of individual plants in different stages of their lives, at a particular time and a particular place in the sunlight. The spatial work is a sculpture with a plant family living in and outgrowing the sculpture.  And the performative work where I engage with members of the public sharing stories of Place, and questioning ideas of Wilderness.

As a multimedia artist I am working to develop different ways of looking and relating to land and nature through the questioning of traditional epistemological approaches.  I strive to make work that is mindful of situation, context, access and impact – both environmental and social – in our current state of the Anthropocene. This environmental ethic is found in specific materials and methods which are often light, sustainable and provisional.

Jennifer Ireland is a conceptually driven multi-disciplinary artist working in video, photography, installation and drawing.  In recent research Ireland seeks to integrate ways of looking and ways of knowing with an environmental sensibility in efforts to explore connections between nature, land and place.  Ireland studied sculpture and drawing at Alberta College of Art and Design, holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of Calgary, and is a recent graduate of the 2018 Masters of Fine Arts program at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.