“Taking a cue from Particle Accelerators, Collider serves as a catalyst for collaborative experimentation and discovery through a collision of ideas and actions. This inaugural project employs a peer nomination process to invite 30 local artists to make Contemporary Calgary and the former Centennial Planetarium their studio and community hub. Visitors to Collider will encounter a dynamic and vibrant space of creativity and collaboration in an open studio, long term residency environment that responds to our City’s appetite for inclusion and diversity while showcasing the extraordinary talent in our own backyard.  Generating new work for Contemporary Calgary’s fall exhibition Planetary, residents are asked to consider ideas ranging from galactic exploration and speculative futures to meaningful memories triggered by the historic context of the former Planetarium.” –Contemporary Calgary

Girls On Ice Canada, Inspiring Girls Epeditions, Artist in Residence, 2018

Girls on Ice Canada is a unique Canadian mountain experience that is packed full of dynamic glaciers, hardy alpine ecosystems, and beautiful landscapes. Accompanied by certified mountain guides, professional scientists, and artists, a team of ten girls explores the Illecillewaet and Asulkan glaciers in Glacier National Park in British Columbia. These glaciers provide a perfect environment for developing scientific observational skills, understanding relationships between organisms and their surroundings, reflecting on our own interactions with the mountains through art, building self-confidence in difficult terrain, and gaining life-long friendships.” Girls On Ice Canada

As artist in residency, I offered instruction in drawing, photography and supporting participants to celebrate their own creative pursuits and expression. I assisted participants in a creekside observational drawing exercise in partnership with Parks Canada Ecologists teaching these young women arts and science based observation and documentation skills (drawing, photography and water sampling) in Glacier National Park as part of the Inspiring Girls Expeditions Canada – Girls on Ice 2018 program, for young women.

Parks Canada & Revelstoke Visual Arts Association, 2016, Art in the Park – Residency and Touring Exhibition, Glacier National Park